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Welcome to the website for the March 12 Symposium on Building Shared Value in Agribusiness, hosted by Jain Irrigation and Enterprise Solutions to Poverty, with keynotes by Nitin Nohria and Ray Goldberg of Harvard Business School. This website, which will be updated weekly, is intended to facilitate your participation in the symposium, and in the sculpting of theaction agenda.

We are expecting 70 to 80 agribusiness and banking leaders to participate. We are very pleased that so many industry leaders have confirmed their participation. By mid-February, we will provide the list of confirmed participants.

Please find in the Questionnaire section, a way in which you can provide your responses online. In the participant follow up package, the questionnaire is provided to enable participants to respond online or to upload your responses here. We are requesting that all participants provide their responses no later than February 10, to enable us to cluster responses and use them in building the core themes to be treated at the symposium.

We also are asking that you upload your bio and information on the activities of your organization which relate to building shared value with small and medium scale farmers through for profit business models. We will prepare one page profiles on each participant and key aspects of the inclusive business models deployed and post these on the site by early March.

The other interactive section of this website allows you to upload documents which relate to building inclusive growth, shared value in Indian agribusiness and agri-finance.

With HBS and IIMA teams, we are preparing business model analyses and company profiles on about 40 of the agribusinesses, agro-innovators and banks participating. PPT presentations on each will be posted on the site just before the meeting, and will be provided on memory sticks at the meeting.

And shortly, we will post a logistical note, and request information from each participant on desired arrival and departure times so that we can organize your transport between Mumbai and Jalgaon. We hope that most participants will be able to arrive to Jalgaon by mid-day Sunday, March 11. We would like for participants to see Jain Irrigation's research, training and processing facilities and to meet farmers who have been able to utilize their engagement with Jain to transform their lives.

Many thanks. We believe that this meeting can be pivotal in accelerating sustainable growth in Indian agribusiness in ways that increase the productivity and earnings of millions of India's progressive small and medium sized farmers. We thank you for your leadership and participation.

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